Nitrile Dipped Safety Gloves

Material: nitrile + nylon
Weight: 42g
Length: 23cm
Scope of use: petrochemical, paint printing, farming and animal husbandry, etc.



Nitrile Dipped Safety Gloves :

The palm and fingertips are impregnated with nitrile to provide a special anti-slip way, which has particular grip and right anti-slip impact. Gloves have correct put on resistance, oil stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and one of a kind residences. in keeping with the elastic cuffs of the hand layout, it isn’t always clean to place on, but it’s far worn firmly. The fingertips are product of breathable and soft cloth, which now not great efficiently reduces the friction among the fingers in the course of work, but also maintains the breathable and dry.

class of protection gloves:

Nitrile Dipped Safety Gloves It refers to an insulating glove this is used for electric insulation on the hand while the operator plays live jogging on an electrical device (or a DC electric powered device of the corresponding voltage diploma) with an AC voltage of 10 kv or a good deal less. Gloves have to have particular electric insulation homes. on the same time, it also desires accurate tensile power and elongation at destroy, further to puncture resistance, growing older resistance, flame resistance and espresso temperature resistance.

Acid and alkali resistant gloves

Nitrile Dipped Safety Gloves It’s far a protecting product for the prevention of acid and alkali damage to the fingers. Gloves aren’t allowed to have defects together with blooming, brittleness, stickiness and breakage. The non-leakage of the glove way that it have to be hermetic, and beneath sure pressure, no air leakage takes place. regular with the material, the gloves may be divided into rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves, latex acid and alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, and plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves. water-proof gloves and anti-virus gloves can be changed with acid and alkali resistant gloves.

Oil resistant gloves

the ones merchandise are made from materials along with nitrile rubber, chloroprene or polyurethane to protect the pores and skin of the arms from severa pores and pores and skin diseases such as acute dermatitis, acne, folliculitis and dry pores and skin. Cleft palate, pigmentation, and nail adjustments.

Welder gloves

defensive equipment to defend fingers from high temperatures, molten metal, and sparks in the course of welding. it’s miles fabricated from cow, pig leather-based totally or -layer leather-based-primarily based. it’s far divided into -finger, three-finger and 5-finger consistent with the finger type. Welder gloves have strict look requirements. the primary grade calls for the leather-based frame to be even and thick, entire and tender and elastic. The leather-based-based floor is  uniform, business enterprise, and the color is uniform and with out greasy feeling. second-beauty merchandise: the leather-based-based totally body lacks fullness and elasticity, the leather-based ground is rough, and the colour is slightly dark.

Anti-vibration gloves

private shielding machine for contact with vibration, collectively with inside the forestry, mining, advent, transportation and distinctive departments with  vibration system (which includes chainsaws, rock drills, and lots of others.) to prevent vibrating occupational ailments “white finger sickness” on account of vibration. within the structure of the anti-vibration gloves, a fantastic thickness of froth, latex and air interlayer is brought to the palm floor to soak up vibration. The thicker the pad thickness, the extra air it contains and the better the damping effect. but, whilst the palm and finger are too thick, it is straightforward to have an effect on the operation.

hearth resistant flame retardant gloves

The traditional fire-retardant flame-retardant gloves are made from asbestos material and are divided into hands and five fingers. they may be available in 3 , medium and small. due to the truth asbestos fibers are traumatic to human skin, they will be hardly ever used. fire-retardant flame retardant gloves are generally product of flame-retardant canvas or one-of-a-kind fire-retardant cloth, which is probably appropriate to be used in smelting furnaces or other furnaces.

Anti-static gloves

A woven fabric composition containing conductive fibers. the opportunity is a long-fiber elastic acrylic woven glove, and then the polyurethane resin is completed to the palm element, or the polyurethane resin is carried out to the fingertip element or the ground of the glove is covered with polyethylene. Gloves containing conductive fibers brief dissipate static power that collects on the fingers. Gloves with polyurethane or polyethylene coatings are by means of evidence against dirt and static power. these merchandise are especially used for the assembly of prone currents, precision units, product inspection, electronics industry, printing, inspection work of numerous studies establishments.

smooth gloves

it’s miles made from natural rubber and may save you the fingertips from being discharged at a few level in the manufacturing method. can be produced prevent static strength from the human body from terrible the product at some point of the procedure. The product is efficaciously protected from the pollutants and have an effect on of residues, oil, dust and sweat at the hands during the manufacturing approach. The easy room is greater frequently than no longer product of polyvinyl chloride (%) gloves.


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